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Are you looking to access new customers and grow your business?

Want to get more visitors to your website and increase your brand awareness?

Looking for an expert SEO Company Melbourne?

At Yo Media, we help business owners dominate Google and crush their competition in the shortest time possible.

You know SEO is a great way to access new customers and grow your business, but frankly – you have NO CLUE how to get your website to the top of Google.

If you’ve ever tried to do SEO on your own, you’ll understand how complicated it is – and getting it wrong can cost you time and money.

And no doubt you’ve been cold called by annoying marketing agencies trying to hard sell you their SEO services.  Or worse, you’ve worked with an SEO company before that promised you the world and failed to deliver.

At Yo Media, we let business owners focus on their area of expertise by taking the whole process off their hands.

We’ll optimise your website, get it to number one in Google, and then monitor and test it all until we deliver the results you’re after.

And if we don’t deliver results within 90 days, you stop paying until we do.

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Rank your website in Google

Getting to the top of Google can be much easier than you think.

Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take which makes their SEO campaign take far longer than they need to.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step SEO blueprint and your website will rank in Google in no time.


Increase traffic to your site

Traffic is simply a marketing term for people.

You need targeted, relevant people coming to your site on a regular basis. No people = no sales!

If you’re not ranking at the top of Google when people are searching, how do you expect them to find you?

Don’t lose customers to your competition.  Let us work with you to build a digital marketing campaign that will get your site to number one in Google and watch as your business is flooded with new customers.


Build brand awareness

Throw the first punch!

If you’re the first to the punch in getting your brand into your customers minds, you’ll raise the barrier to other companies that are trying to enter the market.

Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting and growing your business.

Our SEO strategies will help you build brand awareness in the minds of customers, making it more likely they’ll buy from you.

Get more customers

Here’s an example from an actual client…

When we first started working with this client, their website wasn’t in the first 10 pages of Google.

We developed an SEO campaign that ranked their business at the top of Google for over 2,000 searches a month, and generated 181 genuine leads in just 4 short months.

Every email and phone call enquiry was recorded using our technology.  We were then able to tell exactly how many leads were generated from organic search traffic (i.e. SEO traffic).

We can do the same for your business. Take the first step to double your leads and sales by booking your FREE SEO Strategy Call Today.


This is an exceprt from an actual client report.  It’s posted here with permission from the client.

Get a proven marketing plan to grow your business!

Get a proven marketing plan to grow your business.

Our clients love us too!

Campbell Munro

"An amazing experience, they completely nailed every aspect of the design process. Great to deal with, very affordable and on-the-ball. Highly recommend!"

Campbell Munro
Brightstar Films

Colin "Smiley" Pridham

"We have a constant flow of new clients thanks to Yo Media. They completely understand SEO & Google Ads and their strategy continues to deliver results, year after year."

Colin "Smiley" Pridham
A Smile Bin Hire

Colin "Smiley" Pridham

"The digital marketing space is crowded and full of 'agencies' that profess knowledge and experience, where many fail to deliver on their marketing promise. Yo Media didn't just deliver against our expectations—they exceeded them."

Robert Krastich
Sharper Facility Services

Gloria Carlson

"Yo Media developed an affordable Google AdWords strategy that consistently delivers us new clients. I would recommend them to anyone looking to generate more business online."

Gloria Carlson
Kinesiology 1st

SEO Company Melbourne

Are you wanting to work with an expert SEO agency?  We’re a Melbourne based SEO company that guarantees results for our clients.

We’ve worked with hundreds of Melbourne businesses, in a variety of industries, to get their websites to number one in Google.

We’ve run local SEO campaigns, national SEO campaigns and international SEO campaigns for small, medium and corporate businesses.

If you’re searching for “SEO company Melbourne”, then you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for our Frankston office, please click here.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can build you an SEO campaign that ranks your website #1 and delivers you a consistent stream of new customers for your business.

Why is SEO important for your business?

Think about your own behaviour.

If you want more information about a particular topic, or want an answer to a question, or you’re interested in researching a product or service before you buy it, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you pull out your phone and Google it.  It’s probably why you’re on this page reading this sentence. 

You’re trying to find out whether SEO is right for your business and whether Yo Media is the right SEO company to work with (we totally are).

  • % of consumers searching online before making a purchase 94% 94%
  • % of consumers clicking a top 5 organic search result 76% 76%
  • % of consumers clicking the #1 organic search result 33% 33%
  • % of consumers clicking a page 2 search result 4.8% 4.8%

If you’re into numbers, consider this:  94% of consumers will conduct a search online before they make a purchase.  And 76% of those people will click a top 5 organic search result. 

If you’re website is not ranking at the top of Google’s search results, you’re basically invisible and losing customers to your competition.

But let’s get real here for a minute, you already know this. 

We don’t need to write paragraphs about why SEO is important, and why you absolutely need to do it.  It’s a no brainer.  It’s why you’re here.  So, let’s move on and try to answer some of the most common questions people ask SEO companies.

Our FAQs

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

In basic terms, it means getting your website to the top of Google’s search results when people are looking for your product or service with the aim of getting them to click on your website rather than your competitors.

How do you do SEO?

There are two main parts to SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO involves optimising elements on your website for Google.  This includes the content on your site, blogs, images, and the HTML code. It covers many areas such as the speed of your site, the quality of your content, and the user experience to name just a few.  Any part of your site that Google “sees” is subject to on-page optimisation.

Off-page SEO involves of optimising elements that are “off” your site.  The biggest example of off-page SEO is backlinks, which is, the number of other websites that link to your website.  Backlinks are super important because they’re like a vote of credibility from other sites.  The more “votes” (aka backlinks) you have from reputable and important sites, the more credibility your site will have with Google.  There are lots of other elements that might come into play, but backlinks are by far the most important.

When we “do” SEO on a site, we improve the on-page and off-page factors so Google will rank your website in a more favourable position.


How long does it take to rank my site in Google?

The short answer is…it depends.  Every website is different. 

There are many factors that will influence how long it takes for your website to start ranking.

For example; how many other businesses are competing for the same keywords?  How old is your website?  Do other websites link back to your site?  How much content is on your site?  Is it relevant content?  How fast does your site load?  

The only way to get a ballpark timeframe on how long it takes to rank your site is to do a full SEO site audit.  Think of it as doing a roadworthy on a car, or a building inspection report for a house.  

An SEO audit will give you a good idea of the timeframe work required to get your site ranking in Google.

Why Choose Yo Media?

We could go on about how we’ve been doing this since 2012, and how we’ve helped hundreds of business owners increase traffic to their site, build brand awareness and generate more customers, but that’s what you’d expect any SEO company to say, right?

So, we let our customers speak for us.  Click the Google Rating button to the bottom left of the screen to hear what our customers say about working with us.

What's the ROI on SEO?

The return on investment (ROI) from SEO depends on a number of factors.

1.  How many people are searching online for your product or service?

2.  What’s your website conversion rate?

3.  How many leads do you need to make a sale?

4.  What’s the average sale worth to your business?

5.  How much profit do you make per sale?

Let’s say you own a business that sells a service and 1,200 people a month search for that service in Google. 

If your website ranks number one, you can expect around 396 people (33%) to visit your website.

If your website converts at 20%, meaning 1 in 5 people decide to contact you to get a quote, you can expect to generate about 80 new leads.

If you convert 20% of these leads into customers, this will result in 16 new customers for the month.

If your average sale is $2,500, then you can expect to generate $40,000 in additional revenue.

Assuming a profit margin of 20%, you will generate profit of $8,000.

Now let’s say you invest $1,495 a month on SEO.

Your return on investment is 5.35 times or 535%.  For every $1 you invest, you get back $5.35.

It’s even more profitable when you take into account the repeat purchases from those customers over their lifetime.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

It depends on a variety of factors, such as competitiveness of keywords, age of site, content, backlink profile, site structure and many other factors.  Get in touch with us today to get a more accurte quote.

Should I start SEO before or after my website is built?

It is highly recommended that you build SEO into your site from the very start.  Generally, it’s a lot easier to integrate SEO into your site as it’s being built, versus retroactively implementing SEO into a site that’s already up and running.

Imagine the first time you meet with an important client.  You want to be sure you look your best, are properly prepared, and make a great first impression.  

Similar with SEO, the first time Google crawls your website, you want to make sure it loads super fast, has the right content and keywords, has no broken links or technical glitches, and overall looks and functions great.

You don’t want Google to crawl an un-optimised version of your website first time around.

How do you find the right keywords?

It begins with understanding who your customers are, and what they’re trying to do online.  Specifically, what problem are they trying to solve?  Once we understand this, creating a list of keywords to rank for becomes easy.

We use a number of tools to research, discover and build your keyword list.  With these tools, we can tell how many people each month search for those keywords in Google, as well as the other businesses that are trying to compete and rank for those keywords.

Once we build this list of valuable keywords, we present it to you for approval before getting to work on ranking your website.

Expert SEO Company Melbourne

Do you find SEO confusing?

You’re not alone. If you’re like most businesses, you find this whole SEO thing pretty confusing. This makes it hard to know how to choose an SEO company that can deliver results.

What you’re really looking for is an SEO company in Melbourne that can get you more leads, more customers, and ultimately, grow your business.

What is SEO really all about?

We understand that search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t about keywords, title tags, link building, meta tags and all the other technical jargon. What SEO is really about, is getting you more customers.

Is your current SEO company failing to deliver results?

You may have worked with an SEO agency before that failed to deliver the results you wanted. We hear this all the time from business owners. They come to us complaining that their current SEO company isn’t delivering results. Or they have no idea what’s happening with their SEO campaign. It’s frustrating!

If you want to work with an SEO company in Melbourne that understands business and knows what it takes to get your website ranking, then get in touch and we’ll share with you the exact strategies that have helped hundreds of our customers rank #1 in Google and grow their businesses.

SEO is the perfect strategy. Here’s why…

If you’re a business owner that is looking to grow their company and get more customers, then hiring a Melbourne SEO expert is the perfect strategy. Why? Think about your own behaviour.

If you want more information about a particular topic, or want an answer to a question, or you’re interested in researching a product or service before you buy it, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you pull out your phone and Google it. It’s probably why you’re on this page reading this sentence. And, like most people, you’ll probably click one of the top 3 search results.

This is exactly what your customers are doing right now. If you’re not showing up as one of those top 3 results, then you’re losing these customers to your competitors.

How Does SEO Work?

How does SEO work?

We’re a Melbourne SEO agency that builds search engine optimisation strategies to deliver more leads and sales to your business.

Our team of SEO experts have developed search engine optimisation strategies that have been tried and tested over many years with real Australian companies.

1. What are your goals?

We start by getting to understand your goals and what you’re looking to achieve from an SEO campaign.  Based on your goals, we then work out a strategy that will deliver you the results you’re after.

2. How does your website currently stack up?

Once you understand your goals, the next thing we do is audit your website and current SEO strategy (if you have one). You need to know the current state of play to understand the gaps and how to overcome them. We’ll do a full analysis of your site and how it currently ranks in Google.

3. What are your customers looking for?

Next, we need to understand who your customers are and what they are searching for in Google. What “keywords” are they putting into Google to search? What questions are they wanting answers to? What information are they looking for?

We use advanced tools to determine the keywords your customers are searching for, and how often they’re searching those keywords each month.

For example, right now there are 2,900 people each month searching for “plumber Melbourne”. That’s a valuable keyword and definitely one worth ranking for if you’re a plumber.

We can tell you exactly what your customers are searching for and will present this to you in an easy to understand list.

4. Who are your competitors and what is their exact SEO strategy?

Once we understand the keywords your customers are searching for, we need to understand which businesses are currently ranking for those keywords.

The reality is, we need to make your site better and more relevant than the incumbent sites so we can outrank them. This is really what it comes down to. Google is already ranking websites for keywords that your customers are looking for. We need to convince Google to rank your site instead of your competitors.

How do we do this? By undertaking a comprehensive audit of your top three competitors and uncovering their exact SEO strategies. With our advanced SEO toolkit, we can do exactly that. We’ll be able to tell you their exact SEO strategies and what you need to do to outrank them.

Developing your SEO strategy

Developing your SEO strategy

Now that we know the current state of your site, what your customers are looking for, and who your competition is, the next step is to start building your SEO strategy.

This will be different for everyone. We’ll develop a plan to get your site ranking in the top three results for the keywords that your customers are searching for.

Once this plan has been developed, it’s time to execute the plan and start ranking your site.

Getting your site ranking in Google…

We won’t go into too much detail here about how we will rank your site, as it can be quite technical and confusing. However, let’s cover off on the two main strategies: onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation.

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite optimisation involves us undertaking work on your website that is designed to position you as the most relevant site to rank when your customers are searching.

We develop content, configure meta tags, improve site speed and performance, optimise your internal link structure and many other factors that will benefit your site.

Offsite Optimisation

Offsite optimisation is essentially known as link building. This involves us getting other relevant websites to link back to your site.

When a site links back to your site, Google sees this as a vote of credibility, thus increasing your relevance and rank in the search engine. Link building takes time and needs to be done carefully.

The combination of this onsite and offsite SEO work will bring your website to the number one spot in Google.

Imagine what it will feel like to be number one in Google…

Think about it for a moment. Think about what it will feel like to have your website ranking number one in Google.

You’ll essentially have one of the most powerful companies in the world (Google) recommending your business as THE number one business for your product or service. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This is why SEO is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business. By ranking your site number one in Google, you will get more traffic, more brand awareness and more customers for your business, guaranteed!

Our most successful SEO clients have the following characteristics:

Think about it for a moment. Think about what it will feel like to have your website ranking number one in Google.

You’ll essentially have one of the most powerful companies in the world (Google) recommending your business as THE number one business for your product or service. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This is why SEO is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business. By ranking your site number one in Google, you will get more traffic, more brand awareness and more customers for your business, guaranteed!

They’re established business

Our most successful clients are established businesses, located in Australia, that are turning over $300,000 or more in annual revenue.

We generally won’t work with startups or new business. Why? Typically, most startups and new businesses want results straight away.

But that’s not how SEO works and we can’t deliver results immediately. SEO takes time and you need to be willing to wait at least 9-12 months before “cashing in” on the strategy.

They’re willing to invest for a minimum of 9 – 12 months

SEO isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. It takes time. We can’t just push a button and rank your site.

There are other businesses already ranking for your industry and probably have been for years. Google isn’t just going to rank your site because you want them to. You need to prove yourself. This is where we come in.

Google is in the business of delivering the most relevant search results to its users. It has over 200 factors to determine the most relevant sites to rank.

Our job is to prove to Google that your site is indeed the most relevant. This takes time – a lot of time. You need to be prepared to invest in this time. You can’t stop halfway through a race and expect to win.

They know their basic business numbers

We expect you to know (or have a rough idea of) some basic business numbers. Don’t worry if you don’t know these numbers straight off the bat. We can work with you to figure them out and set the benchmark before we start working on your SEO campaign.

  • Conversion rate on leads to sales percentage.
    (e.g. it takes 3 leads to get 1 sale).
  • Average sale value cost
    (e.g. the average sale value is $2,000).
  • Lifetime value of a client
    (e.g. the amount a client is worth to your business over their lifetime).

The reason for this is so we can work out what the return on your investment is going to be. SEO isn’t cheap, but it works and it delivers a return. Knowing these numbers will give you confidence that your SEO campaign is working to bring you real value.

To find out if SEO is right for your business, or to get a free proposal for your company, simply get in touch today.

Get a proven marketing plan to grow your business!

Get a proven marketing plan to grow your business!

We have a proven framework that will help increase your leads, sales and revenue while avoiding missed sales opportunities, losing out to competitors and a stalled business.  Find out how.

Get The Proven Marketing Strategies You Need To Grow & Scale Your IT Services Company


Get The Proven Marketing Strategies You Need To Grow & Scale Your Business