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Local SEO strategies to increase leads and sales

What is Local SEO?

Optimise for local business

The phenomenal power of search engines allows your business to reach the entire world. But this isn’t always relevant—if you’re a local business in Melbourne, it’s not necessary to appear in search results in London.

This is where local SEO helps your business cut through the noise.


SEO vs Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is how you improve the quality and quantity of web traffic to your site by boosting the visibility of your site in search engine results.

Local SEO is how you go about optimising your business’ website for online visibility to local consumers in your geographic area.

As a business targeting consumers in your immediate area, it makes sense. In fact, research shows that over 46% of all Google searches are looking for targeted local information, so making your business available to the right audience makes a huge impact in your local web traffic.

Let’s look at how the right local SEO strategy can help your business.


Reach Local Customers

How valuable really is Local SEO?

The value of local SEO becomes clear when you look at your web traffic. If you’re a business in Melbourne, but you’re getting a lot of hits from elsewhere in the world, then your site isn’t optimised for local searches.

In fact, this wide net actively harms your SEO rankings.

Thinking Locally

These days, 80% of consumers are using search engines to find business and information in their local area (Source: Think with Google). Businesses are becoming more and more competitive, and to outrank your competitors you need to optimise your web presence for these specific local searches.

Local SEO enables you to boost your exposure, and reduce the number of enquiries from further afield that aren’t relevant.

Get your business front and centre to the right audience. Start your local SEO campaign today.


This is an exceprt from an actual client report.  It’s posted here with permission from the client.

Yo Media Local SEO Services

What does our Local SEO Service include?

The most important part of any local SEO campaign is ensuring consistency of information. This is why every single Yo Media Local SEO campaign starts with a full audit.

This allows us to determine what’s already out there about your business, whether your customers are finding the right information, whether you’re leaving breadcrumbs of misinformation strewn around the internet.

While this step does take time, it’s critical to understanding the what, why, where, and how of your new local SEO campaign. Without it, you’re essentially driving without an endpoint in mind. Missing this step cheapens the process and undermines any advances made in your local SEO.

Here’s what our local Melbourne SEO service includes.

Your Local Citation Audit

Local directory citations are the building blocks of your business’ local SEO campaign, and boosting your Google ranking. The more local directories you appear in—so sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and even the Yellow Pages—the more ‘authentic’ your site and business appear to Google.

We start by undertaking a Local Citation Audit, combing the internet to find out exactly where and how your business is portrayed, finding and claiming every single directory listing that will be most valuable to your business. This audit enables us to determine:

All NAP variations

All variations of your Name, Address, and Phone number. When these are reported incorrectly they can actively harm your local rankings.

All correct citations

We find all citations that feature your correct information.

Any incorrect citations

Someone spelled your business name wrong? We’ll find it for you.

Aggregator citations

We scour the main aggregators and find if any feature the wrong information.

Local Citation Optimisation

We work with you to target the local business directories that are best suited to your business.

But it’s not about appearing in as many as possible; there’s a strategy to it. There are three main directory types where customers find your information.

Ego directories

These are the big, popular, highly-trafficked directories, where it makes sense for your business information to appear.

Competitor directories

Using keywords specific to your business, we determine the types of citations that are important in your particular industry, and the specific SERPs that are best for you to appear in.

Competitor review directories

We take a deep dive into competitor review directories, and scrape this information to find those that Google considers its most-trusted.

For the directories that need verification, we provide in-depth instructions for so they can be easily verified on your behalf.

With this done, we package all the information up into a thorough report, providing you with the login information for each directory citation.

Rich Media Citations

Directory submissions are one thing, but without any context they won’t get you very far. We go the extra step and make them engaging and interesting to your consumers, by including geo-tagged photos, videos, and links from other rich media sources.


Video has massive traction, so we work with you to create simple, shareable video content that’s optimised for local SEO. By creating succinct, straightforward content that includes geo-meta data, pictures, text, and music, you’re giving your consumers something that really catches their eye.

Once these videos are created, we submit them to all the important video hosting sources, which works to create high-quality, high authority, links to your business.


We help your customers put a face to a name. You supply us with your strongest business images which, much like your video, we then optimise and upload to the important image hosting sources. This works to create legitimate, high-authority backlinks and business citations that search engines love.

Social Citations

With the rise of social media, it’s an unwise business that can’t see the value in some form of social presence. We ensure you’re leading the pack by creating accurate, engaging social media citations on all the right platforms. This includes adding media like photo and video—the type of thing that social media was made for.

Optimising Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that Google offer, that essentially works as an online business card that pops up in Google’s SERP. And with 64% of consumers stating that they have used Google My Business to find the details for a local business (Source: Brightlocal), it’s a key part of your local SEO strategy that shouldn’t be ignored.

Google My Business allows you to customise your location in Google Maps. You can set your address, business details, contact details, and even generate customer reviews, which all pop up when consumers search for your business. With 86% of people looking up a business’ local in Google Maps (Source: Social Media Today), an incorrect Google My Business listing is actively damaging your local SEO.

We’ll use the information we’ve gleaned from your Local Citation Optimisation to ensure that your Google My Business content is specific, engaging, and most importantly, made available front and centre for your potential customers.

Mobile Optimisation

It’s estimated that up to 70% of web traffic these days occurs on a mobile device (Source: CIODive), so if your business isn’t optimised for local searches, you’re missing out.

A site that’s optimised for mobile means that when your consumers find your business, they stay on your site, and get all the information they need to make an informed choice.

We ensure your website is optimised for mobile by:

  • Improving load times
  • Ensuring the structure works on a mobile device, and that it fits a mobile screen
  • Making sure it’s easy to navigate
  • Optimising navigation, CTA buttons, and contact forms for mobile

Partner With a Local SEO Expert

There’s a lot that’s involved when it comes to local SEO.

Yo Media will help your business:

  • Catalogue and correct all your local citations, avoiding any duplication of efforts
  • Make sure your Google My Business account is working for you, and targeting the right customers
  • Ensure your site is optimised for mobile, and that it’s designed for conversion
  • Fine-tune your marketing so that it hits your local geographic area, appearing to those consumers who are in a buying mindset and increasing your local traffic
  • Build out the engaging, interesting content that your consumers want to see—whether it’s product information, thought pieces, or articles, we help you create content that drives customers to your page
  • Get your business ranking on the front page of all relevant search engines

We put every local SEO Melbourne campaign through this extremely detailed, time-intensive process—but the results are more than worth it. You receive a fully detailed report, including a road map on how to repair incorrect citations most effectively for the future.

Your local SEO campaign will build your brand awareness to the consumers that matter.

Partner With a Local SEO Expert

Get in contact with a Yo Media local SEO expert today to book your free local SEO strategy call. We’ll run through what’s currently working, what’s not, and where you’ll be able to boost your local Melbourne SEO and drive your business’ success.

Then, we’ll start your local SEO campaign, so you can begin targeting the right consumers, and see your business grow.

Get a proven SEO plan to grow your business.

Get a proven SEO plan to grow your business.

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Get The Proven Marketing Strategies You Need To Grow & Scale Your Business